Item Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina

These are some AMAZING & RARE GERMAN MILITARIA items for sale! If you're RARE German Militaria Items - YOU HAVE FOUND THE RIGHT PLACE HERE!!

These items were all owned by a German Nazi member who fled to Argentina at the end of WWII!! He had passed away 29 years ago so his widow has decided to sell everything. This fantastic German Militaria collection even includes the badges he received from his meetings in Esquel, Argentina (a city in the south where the Nazi's used to meet)!

The price for this entire collection is $21,500!!! Priced low for a FAST SALE!!!

Please click on any of the below thumbnails to see the enlarged photos

Case No. 1 - 22 Medals & 1 Buckle & 1 Insignia

Anti-Partisan Badge

Case No. 2 - 15 Medals & 1 Ring

Knight's Cross/Oakleaves/Swords

Case No. 3 - 17 Medals

Group 4 Medals

Case No. 4 - 13 Medals

Group 5 Medals

Case No. 5 - 16 Medals

Group 6 Medals

Case No. 6 - 18 Medals

Group 7 Medals

Case No. 7 - 17 Medals

Group 8 Medals

Case No. 8 - 23 Medals

Group 9 Medals

Photo of the eight (8) Cases full of
various German medals.

Group 10 Medals

15 Miscellaneous Patches & other items

Group 11 Medals

Miscellaneous - Torpedo Head Ribon (1 pcs)

Group 12 Medals

Miscellaneous Wing Patches (7 pcs)

Group 13 Medals

4 Miscellaneous Medals

Group 14 Medals

11 Badges from Esquel, Argentina

Group 15 Medals

Miscellaneous Photos No. 1

Group 16 Medals

Miscellaneous Photos No. 2

Miscellaneous Photos No. 3

Miscellaneous Photos No. 4

Miscellaneous Photos No. 5

Miscellaneous Photos No. 6

Miscellaneous Photos No. 7

Miscellaneous Photos No. 8

Miscellaneous Photos No. 9

Miscellaneous Notes No. 10

Miscellaneous Photos No. 11

Miscellaneous Photos No. 12

Miscellaneous Photos No. 13

Miscellaneous Photos No. 14

3 Tickets for December 17, 1979 Graf Spree Dinner

This RARE German Militaria Items Collection Include;
a) 145 various rare medals
b) 23 Patches
c) 11 Badges
d) 20 Books
e) 79 Photos (40 considered RARE)
f) Other miscellaneous items (personal hand-written notes, Graf Spree Tickets, etc.)!

The price for this entire collection is $25,000!!! Priced low for a FAST SALE!!!

NOTE: We will arrange and ship this rare collection to anywhere in the world.

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NOTE: All above items are offered as collectors pieces and the ideas or political regimes involved are not supported by ourselves in any way