Submarine Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina

This is an original WWII German one man submarine. It is in great original condition. Here are the specifications and attached photos. 

German one man sub marine from the WWII in excellent condition . It is 40 inches (102 cm) total width by 16 feet (4.86 meters) total lenght and weighs 3,086 lbs. (1,499 kilograms).  It has a 24 volts Siemens engine (original) with 2.5 HP. It is powered by two 12 volt batteries on 150 amps that last about four hours. The minisub has it´s own air system (which also for four hours operating time) .

It has two individual ballast filling systems : 1) manual pump 2) electric pump  and three systems to evacuate it; 1) manual pump  2) electric pump 3) compressed air.

It also has an emergency evacuation system for the kill ballast that weighs about 600 kg (1,322 lbs) with a lever behind the seat.

The dome is intact. It also has a fast couple air system to bring air inside from an exterior source during an emergency or to equalize pressure.

It is designed to a depth of 100 meters (328 feet). The compass is inside the cockpit also.

The instruments for volt meter and oil pressure meter are not originals and were replaced with new ones.

The original owner (who bought it from the Argentine Navy about 30 years ago) had used the sub until he passed away three years ago. He was the one who painted it yellow (that is not the original sub’s color).

This is a great piece for WWII collectors. The price is USD$95,000.

NOTE:  This submarine was made in 1938 and was imported into Argentina from Germany in 1940 (according to the Navy registers).  It is registered in the Argentina National Boat and Ship Register so it has a clear title.

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